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A lovely reminder that being kind is it’s own reward…by Thai Life Insurance (yes, random, I know).

The REFLECT project: Convicts’ letters to their younger selves. 

What letters would we write to ourselves? 

The difference between empathy and sympathy. Here’s a hint: empathy never starts with “At least…”. 

How the media treated women in 2013, according to The Representation Project. 

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#2012: the year in review, Google-style. Very cool.

How awesome is this?


A Time-Lapse Portrait: From Birth to Nine Years Old in 2 Minutes

Frans Hofmeester filmed his son every week of his life for nine years and then sped up the footage for a mesmerizing fast-forward journey through time.

Via Vimeo Staff Picks.

This is bloody awesome. Especially if you love your #bike. Bravo Guillaume!

Classical music roller coaster, obviously. Extra points if you tilt your head. 

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30 Gifts to 30 Strangers in Sydney.